French chic like no other chic


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My name is Daiana and I’ve been into fashion addiction since childhood. I cannot let a day pass without taking my fashion drug dose because there is no passion like the one for being well dressed, right? Just like as any other fashion niche passionate, I find my inspiration in various posts and photos across the web. Every day I see and wish for something else. Some items become instant crush and make me turn the apparel vendors’ sites upside down until I find it.

On the other hand some ladies become style icon instant crush and I become a new enthusiastic follower. I am not afraid to learn how to do things better from others. I think that in this life it is quite important to know to accept that your becoming is in progress and may not just be the best one when compared to other people’s. I’d rather give the same importance to the fact that one must learn his/her entire life from others who do it with such ease in order to do it myself at its best I can. So I give you my first inspiration from the Parisian chic lady Jeanne Damas. I have a feeling that there will be many more to come from this incredible charm lady. For a first, a black & white combination proudly worn with a pop of burgundy on your lips is all you need to get a feminine and unstudied look. Shop the look: dress & block heel sandals.

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