Story of a white dress


Blogging world is fantastic! Filled with talented people who are able to get me inspired every single day. In the evenings I always make time to chill by reading other people’s blog work. I absolutely love it when I find beautiful pictures and decent content: well put together outfits and post texts where the power of the detail strongly counts: stunning shoes, specific pieces of clothing drawing the entire watcher’s attention, a glamorous jewel or lipstick and last but not least – good written content. Totally on turning!  Due to one relax session of this type, the white midi dress has become this past summer’s ultimate item to have. Found it on H&M’ s last sales (and it is still on sale, click here). Kind of difficult to wear it during winter as this sparkling white isn’t a match to winterish black pantyhose and boots…However I took the occasion to wear it at my Hadar Chalet visit (read more here) with H&M’s nude two strap sandals (see here) and favorite Burberry print scarf bought from a Rome street vendor.new_img_8225

Hope you enjoyed!





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