My experience @Hadar Chalet

new_6Exactly one week ago I was already up at this time of the day (hey, it’s not yet 7 AM). There it was one day off and me writing a post on my blog before prepping for the weekend at Hadar Chalet. I’ve been always keen of the perfect coziness one can experience in front of the fireplace when it’s freezing outside, the silence is absolute and pieces of chilling music can be barely heard. It may sound like a romantic story, but I promise you: today is about finding peace with yourself.new_15new_13new_14Hadar Chalet is a family run business. It is more than an accommodation, it is a place with a specific design inspired from Alps holiday chic chalets, making a statement about how relaxing can get luxurious even in the middle of the nowhere. The chalet is located in Siriu area at 900 meters altitude, in the deep woods of the Buzau county. Mobile phone coverage does not exist here! I swear I spent here some of the best days of my life hearing no beeps and no calls. You should try at least once too.

First 2016 winter snow has found us here at this magic place. Just look at the beauty of the nature when you know you can skip cold at anytime by just entering the dinning area and sitting on the soft couch in front of the fireplace that has near it a nice library containing all types of litterature one could wish for. History, art, mythology, fiction, business, lifestyle or fashion magazines – options are endless. Get a glass of mulled wine and you’ll forget everything that may have worried you in the past. That’s the spirit here: sleep, dream, eat and repeat. If you’re feeling exhausted, here is the place to recover and rediscover yourself.

new_4new_5If you’re a foodie (like I am too, haha), here’s the perfect spot to forget about any type of diet (if you ever were thinking of one..) The food is just an offer you can’t refuse, not here: warm soup, pumpkin pie, mushrooms tarts, grilled trout with polenta, goat cheese appetizers, cheesecake – are just some of the dishes we enjoyed. Every day is a feast day: Romanian traditional food is at its best, cooked with passion and attention from own production ingredients (the owners have their own trout farm here) or local suppliers selected ingredients. As I love slowly cooked food, I was more than delighted with what I had here. It felt like food was somehow reinvented as tastes were upgraded to the next Romanian traditional cuisine level. You can pick your favorite table once arrived at the chalet, a table you’ll have during your entire weekend here. We picked one near the windows – we made a right choice, as Sunday morning it started to snow and we could enjoy a breathtaking view during the breakfast.new_9new_8new_10new_11new_7

It is such a pity this serenity took an end so fast. I am not the kind of person who can relax by clubbing or going to parties, instead I appreciate silence, kindness and good services. The staff is friendly and welcoming and staff here means good people and friendly security dogs.

To me this was the perfect getaway and I will do it again next summer as I would love to read a good book and spend time at a pool in the deep woods. You can find out more about this ravishing place on their website (here).

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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