Lady in the woods


Best clothing items get best 5-star treatment: just look how I brought my fav’ oversized dress in the middle of the nature bliss. Far away from the big city’s unchained energies, the terra shades of this efortlessly put together outfit have become details of a stunning fall landscape painting. Not only is this dress practic, warm and cozy, but it is also a style statement and an universal fit.


I found it this summer in a huge pile of sale items at Mango Romania. As it comes in L size (last one found!), styling it has no limits. This dress can be worn either with a belt or without one. I love to switch belts when I put on this dress: sometimes I choose a brown and golden one, other I opt for black thin belts and one time the turn of one silver polished belt had come. I also do have outfit pictures wearing this last type of belt and I won’t miss showing it to you, babes.

Switch shoes too: from simple black pumps to biker boots or over the knee boots – sky is the limit. For this outfit I selected my fav’ bleumarine wedge boots. What I never changed are the pantyhose for which I always choose a black shade. Makes legs smooths under an oversized dress & add a brighter pop of elegance to the final result.


I guess you are asking yourself where is this outfit suitable to wear, as you see mountain landscape in these pictures. Well, everywhere. Even when I go to the mountains, I always prefer choosing ladylike style (read more here). This is who I am and I just do not feel right putting on fleece pants and trekking boots only. This, plus that I like going to the mountains for relax, daydreaming and fresh air breathing only (I am not the sport type). 

I wore this outfit that entire great day. Felt amazing. The Burberry print scarf is a memory from Rome and the genuine leather gloves are a recent purchase from H&M. I love their softness and coziness. This thick white faux leather jacket is one of my oldie & goldie wardrobe items. I vouch you: it is stylish and warmy in the same time. And absolute new in (did you notice it?): gave up the dark lipsticks for one day and picked a nude one instead. What do you think?


One last point I strongly want to share with you: the story of this pictures is a wonderful memory. Bloggers carry true struggles when creating blog content, but in the middle of the nature’s bliss, where there is no phone signal and there are no worries and no hard feelings, I genuinely was at my highest. I cannot recall any greater sensation than doing things you love while being completely relaxed and peaceful in such an environment about which I am going to blog very soon. 

Stay tuned for my Hadar Chalet experience!

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