4 reasons to dress simple but stylish


Simplicity is that one solution we are the less expecting to. You know the drill, because it is always the same: here is either the long working day, the one special event or simply going out in the city and here is the dilemma: what to wear ?! 

More times than I wish, I find myself complicating my own life and not getting the effect and the efficacity I expect from an outfit. What a relief that I made the right choice the day I took these photos!


When in a hurry/hesitating/the pile of clothes lying on the bed threatens to collapse, here are some good reasons for you to plead in favour of choosing simplicity :

Like a lady. Of course this requires years&years of extended fields education and exercise, but keeping your appearance simple and decent brings you more credit than you think.


H&M nude sandals. Reserved grey dress. Random bag.


Save time & energy. Nobody wants to start a day or go to a social gathering already exhausted by failure in selecting fancy clothing combinations, especially when you are still practicing your styling abilities.


Be happy with yourself. A simple and elegant outfit catches the eye and keeps it on you. People’s positive attention will definitely improve your state of mind and though ensures you a great day ahead! Given that, it’s you who can make the day to others…


Be inspirational to others. Personally I get shocked everyday walking on the street and seeing people not paying the slightest attention to their looks, though disrespecting themselves. So much misunderstood print, cheap looking leggings & not only, unpolished boots, gigantic clubbing heels worn in the middle of the day and so on. Choose to be different and make a statement.

The list is infinite and I could write for your a true Guiness Book candidate length article in order to cover them all 🙂 But how about getting here some tips & tricks on how to dress simple but stylish? Therefore stay tuned with Fashion In a Box for the next post!

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