De ce postez (mai) rar


RO >> Postarile nelimitate pe retelele sociale si pe bloguri sunt la ordinea zilei. Nu mai conteaza CE, CAT si CUM. Conteaza doar sa fie, sa se afiseze informatia, fotografia, citatul, gandul cel bun/rau, share-ul, orice. Doar de dragul de a fi “la inaltime”, de a nu pierde randul, de a te afisa cu orice pret.

Chiar daca tin acest blog, eu postez (mai) rar. Si nu ma deranjeaza cu absolut nimic. Nu cred ca pierd lucruri de importanta capitala. Nu simt nevoia de a elibera informatie in jungla internetului doar ca sa bifez inca un punct pe agenda zilei. Chiar intr-o seara din saptamana aceasta s-a dat o lupta in mintea mea: daca sa pun sau nu o fotografie cu mine purtand o cumparatura noua – fotografia mi se parea insa cam “apatica” si neinteresanta – asa ca NOT.

Principiul de baza este LESS IS MORE. Si asta nu doar in moda…

Asadar, de ce postez (mai) rar, pe blog si pe retelele sociale, unde ar trebui sa imi fac o continua reclama la moda-asa-cum-o-inteleg-eu?

  • Pentru ca suntem deja saturati de informatie, care ne invadeaza din toate partile, sub toate formele si culorile. Iar cum trierea informatiei a devenit obligatorie in secolul 21, plus pentru ca imi place sa cred ca ma citesc oameni care se ocupa SI cu asa ceva – din respect pentru timpul si energia lor, e mai bine sa nu ii bombardez cu pretiozitatea mea zilnic/de x ori pe zi.
  • Desi in nisa mea de fashion blogging cel mai bine “vand” fotografiile, simt nevoia imperativa si de a livra un continut de calitate. Mie imi place sa inteleg prin continut “partea aia fara poze”. Ceea ce se traduce printr-o concepere atenta a textului articolului si a verificarii (destul de) amanuntite a ceea ce urmeaza sa public. Pledez vinovata:  mi s-a intamplat sa dau publicare unor articole pe blog sau chiar texte pe Facebook cu greseli de tastare/asezare in pagina. Mai putin, mai rar, mai bun.


  • Sunt un fashion blogger de hobby si nu de meserie: nu am facut din blogging o ratiune de a exista, ci este doar o pasiune, asa cum sunt si lectura, mancarea buna si vizionarea de seriale politiste si psihologice.
  • Incerc sa ma tin departe de ridicol, prost gust si afisarea excesiva a vietii personale: nu intereseaza pe nimeni ce lenjerie de noapte port, de unde imi cumpar lenjeria intima, cum arata patul meu nefacut, cum arat fara haine, cum arata iubitul meu fara camasa, asa cum nu intereseaza nici albume cu n fotografii de la vreun eveniment social la care particip sau city break intr-un oras despre care toata lumea stie lucruri.
  • Pentru ca mai putin este intotdeauna mai bun.

Voi ce pareri aveti? Cum percepeti avalansa de informatii care ne asalteaza in fiecare moment? Cum o triati?

Dar mai ales – ce informatie gasita la mine pe blog vi s-a parut de ajutor?


EN>> Unlimited posts on blogs and social media are very common nowadays. It does not matter anymore WHAT, HOW MUCH and WHY. What matters is just to display the information, the photo, the quote, the good/bad thought, to display anything.Only for the sake of being “cool”, of not losing the line, of exposing yourself no matter the price you pay.

Even if I hold this blog, I am posting rather rarely. And this does not bother me in any way. I don’t think I am missing important stuff there. I do not feel like releasing information in the internet’s jungle just so another item can be checked on the daily agenda. For example, I experienced one of these subconscious’ battles one evening this week: may I or may I not post a photo of myself wearing a brand new item – as the photo seemed uninteresting and invaluable to my eyes, I decided NOT TO.

My core life principle is LESS IS MORE. And this applies not only to fashion matters…

So, to be clear, why do I post rather rarely on my blog and on the social media – a place where I should keep a continuous fashion-as-I-see-it-marketing?

  • Because we are already overwhelmed with information appearing from nowhere and taking all forms and colors. Because information selection has become mandatory in this 21st century and because I like to think that people reading my blog have this preoccupation too as part of their lives. Out of respect for my readers’ time & energy it’s better not to bomb them with infinite posts about my preciosity.
  • Even in the fashion blogging niche the photos are the best marketer, I also feel the urge of providing quality content. By content I like to mean “that part of a story without pics”. This is what becomes a carefully conception of the post text and a detailed check of what I am about to publish. I plead guilty there: it happened to me to publish texts on blog/Facebook containing typing and/or page layout errors. So: less, rarer, better…
  • Fashion blogging is my hobby and not my profession. I didn’t make from blogging an existence goal, but it is just a passion, such as reading, good food and police & psychological series watching are for me, too.
  • I try to keep a distance from ridiculous, kitsch taste and excessive display of personal life matters: nobody is interested is the night lingerie I wear, where I buy my intimate lingerie from, how my undone bed looks like, how I look naked, how my boyfriend looks without a shirt, as like as nobody gives interest in entire photo albums from a social event I attended or city break I take in a city everyone knows things about.lady-in-black
  • Because less is always better.

Which opinions would you like to share about the matter? How do you perceive the information avalanche assaulting us every moment? How do you filter it?

But especially: what information displayed on my blog did you find helpful?



Photos from Pinterest.



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