Black leather

Look at this wonderful October day. That sensation you have when you are gazing through the window at the world outside.


If you were to ask me, I feel almost perfect. The  wet  and rain shiny ground covered in pale brown and dark yellow autumn leaves. Rain pouring so smoothly.  The buttered coffee in the brown cup. Quite a good time to wear leather pants and thick heeled boots!

Energy barometer: not too much time&energy spent in composing this outfit.

It was only enough to start by pairing the black faux leather pants to the grey sweater. The boots are my seasonal favorites.  The parka was absolutely necessary in order to deal with the cold weather. The bleumarin clutch matched to perfectibility and it is an old gift I simply could not ever give up to. ‘Blessed’ by a touch of my long desired purple lipstick, I had the outfit for a weekend afternoon out.




Parka, leather pants & sweater all from H&M. Random clutch and boots.


For today I will also keep it simple. I am looking forward to a city wandering Saturday afternoon and the chosen clothing items are already in place. Favorite blue sweater, grey jeans and favorite black chelsea type boots.

Are you wondering why I am saying just ‘perfectibility’/’almost perfect’  instead of simply ‘perfection’?

Then you are going to have your answer in the next post.

Keep in touch!




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