The come back time



RO: Am asteptat indelung aceasta clipa. Am decis ca dupa aproape 1 an de pauza, blogul meu ma merita. L-am uitat in meandrele Internetului, insa ma gandeam des la el. As fi vrut sa scriu de marti-miercuri, dar mesajul este unul complex si cerea un timp de gandire si transpunere in scris ceva mai mare decat de obicei.

Am vrut initial sa abandonez.

Mi se parea ca scriu in zadar si ca nu reusesc sa suscit interesul nimanui, orice as face.

Nisa aceasta de fashion blogging este saturata de persoane superficiale, de saracie in ganduri si in limbaj. Vreau si incerc sa fiu altfel. Moda nu este ceea ce pare si imi propun sa demonstrez aceasta teza cu fiecare noua postare.

Nu sunt o femeie intretinuta ale carei singure preocupari sunt sa pozeze si sa apese butoanele pe care scrie “Publish”.

Incerc sa imi construiesc o cariera intr-un domeniu care nu are nicio legatura cu moda si sunt fericita si mandra de asta. Nu a fost si nu este niciodata vorba doar de “pozat” si “aruncat banii pe haine & Co.”

Blogul acesta este expresia aplecarii mele catre estetic si nu exista motiv mai bun decat acesta ca sa-i aloc timpul si energia mea.

Sunt atat de fericita acum cand scriu toate aceste randuri si imi asum in totalitate mesajul pe care l-am transmis.



EN: I’ve been waiting so long for this moment to come. I’ve realized that my blog truly needs me after an almost 1 year break. I had abandoned it in the Internet jungle, yet I was thinking at it very often. This week I would have written my message even from Tuesday-Wednesday, but in fact the message is a complex and demanding one and requesting more time than usually.

One day I wanted to give up everything.

It seemed like I was writing here for nothing and to nobody. People were not interested in it, no matter what I did.

This fashion blogging niche is already overwhelmed with superficial people, lacking language and thought thesaurus. I want to be and try to be otherwise. Fashion may not be what it seems to be. This is thesis I will try to demonstrate with each new post.

I am not a kept woman whose only preoccupations are posing and pressing “Publish” buttons.

I am trying to build a career in a field that has nothing to do with fashion and I am happy and very proud of it. It’s never been and will never be about throwing money on clothing and posing.

This blog is an expression of my aesthetics passion and there is not better reason for me to allocate it my time and energy.

I feel so happy now writing down these lines and I totally take over this message I just transmitted to my readers.









Outlet outfit: Zara skirt, H&M tank top and flats. C&A bag.

Proudly written by Fashion in a Box,








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