Nude walk in the city lights



Summer walks are the prettiest. There is not that much I need for long hours spent walking and wandering in Bucharest. I have a sort of summer Saturday’s uniform : relaxed shorts, depending on that day’s feeling (patterned when I want to get younger and/or wilder or simple – when ‘ladylike’ seems the most appropriate choice for that particular time), a loose blouse (I started to wear my different and countless T-shirts not so often, as I want to make a change and fill my wardrobe with more silk and cotton blouses) and a pair of flat nude sandals, as I am walking, not exposing myself on a catwalk 🙂

Everything is completed by a little shoulder bag (I now owe 2 pieces, what a luxury!), a so-omg-simple hairstyle – lately I have been wearing only pony tails) and a light make up. Just picture me without my usual fuchsia/red lipstick and ready for the walk to start.


Wearing H&M blouse, C&A shorts, Zara necklace, no branded shoulder bag and sandals.




Salutations, mes belles dames !





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