lovely coffee breaks


‘I am a coffee fanatic. Once you go to proper coffee, you can’t go back. You cannot go back.
….Hugh Laurie

This is one of those days when coffee means everything.2

From time to time, why not taking a long break just for yourself ?

I am leaving myself embraced in white sheets and fluffy blankets while having my big mug from Starbucks filled with home made coffee.


There could be no more for a lazy weekend time. I forgot about everything and my mind took care of my body. A natural face mask, a natural moment in cosiest clothing, a perfumed hair treatment, a moment of Chopin partiture, that astonishing moment when I take the time to read the newest ELLE magazine with the coffee mug in my left hand !


Life is so short, please let’s just live it.


We should try to build our happiness by ourselves and not to take an endless fight in order to gain more power and more wealth. By the time we would have gained all these, our mind and body would already be tired, old and sad.


Wearing C&A tartan shirt, H&M leather shorts and necklace, cosy attitude. Photos by Andrew M.


Me being happy for the most little things. Me being happy for my true love.


I always dream about living in Paris. One day it will happen. Coffee in Paris is to die for. 

Salutations, mes belles !

Soyez heureuses !

Photos : Pinterest


5 thoughts on “lovely coffee breaks

  1. Ce mult mi-a placut postarea asta, m-a dispus spre visare!!!
    Nu sunt bautoare de cafea, dar mi-ar place sa traiesc la Paris ❤ ❤ Frumoase pozele, la multi ani, Daiana, sa ai un an plin de realizari si vise implinite!!


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